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[1000 LIVE SAMPLES]is a space mission, a gigantic communication operation of humanity. Alone in their capsules and the silence of space, these 1,000 human samples count the reasons that led them to accept this one-way flight and mentally prepare for their next encounter with extraterrestrials.

[1000 LIVE SAMPLES] it was originally a short story written by Karin Serres for the Exploration section of the magazine Espace(s) n°14, "Space, place of utopias", published by the Observatoire de l'Espace, the arts laboratory -sciences of CNES, of which she has since joined the editorial board.

Extracts 1000 Live Samples

[1000 LIVE SAMPLES] is a performance conceived in the premises of L'Hybride in Lille and presented as part of the Sidération festival of the CNES Space Observatory in Paris, somewhere between Tarkovski's SOLARIS, the primitive DIYs of Georges Méliès and the deranged figures of Francis Bacon.


[1000 LIVE SAMPLES] is the result of a European exchange with theLive Arts Cultures, collective of artists, and theC32 Performing Artworkspacefrom Mestre/Venice (It)

Link to the show file:here !



The Amiens Theater House, Le Safran and Les Safra'numérique of Amiens,  Amiens Métropole, Departmental Council of the Somme, Regional Council of Hauts-de-France and the French Institute , ACAP Pôle Régional Image, Pictanovo Images in Hauts-de-France, the CNES Space Observatory in Paris, the Hybride in Lille, the C32 performing artworkspace in Venice/Mestre (Italy).

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