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LUDOVIC DARRAS: Actor, director and production manager. Trained with Sylvie Baillon and  Alain Gautré, as an actor and assistant director in Amiens. With Jean Pierre Vincent and Bernard Chartreux at the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Paris on dramaturgy and staging. And with François Cervantes as an actor at the Garage de la wasteland Belle de Mai in Marseille. He has worked in particular with Katérini Antonakaki, Karin Serres, Patrice Douchet, Kossi Efoui and Nicolas Salaens. He founded the Kollectif Singulier in 2008 to work on new forms of scenic writing and today composes shows with this collective of multidisciplinary artists.



KARINE DUMONT: Musician. After studying literature, she won the First Prize for electroacoustic composition unanimously as well as the Henri Tomasi prize at the CNR in Marseille. She develops her kalalunatic project in electronic and radio improvisation sets. She composes mainly for the theater, notably with the companies Théâtre Inutile, Chés Panses Vertes, Skappa!, Buchinger's Boot Marionnettes, Arts Nomades, Mila Baléva, and the Kollectif Singulier.

SIMON LEOPOLD: Musician. Parallel to the exploration of the sound capacities of saxophones, from baritone to soprano, Simon discovers electroacoustic composition. Wanting to push, as far as possible, this intimate relationship with The Sound, he multiplies the experiences with the latter, both technical and creative, never wanting to forget craftsmanship for the concept and vice versa. In this desire, Simon also creates original music for the image, sound creations for live shows, sound recordings in natural or industrial environments, educational workshops, improvised music concerts, concerts on acousmonium...

JEREMY PICHEREAU: Lighting designer. After studying literature, he began his first freelance studies at the Maison du Théâtre in Amiens and joined the Troupe Charnière. In 2004, he joined the position of general manager of the Passerrelle in Amiens. His work as a lighting designer flourished mainly in the theater, notably with the companies Les Petites Madames, L'Esprit de la forge, La Main d'Oeuvres and Le Kollectif Singulier. He also worked on the lighting of the short films Ariane sur le fil by Agathe Debary and Juliet's room by Morgane Grzegorski.





KARIN SERRES : Author. After studying scenography at the ENSATT, she began writing drama. With a scholarship from the Ile de France region, the CNL and the DMDTS, she has written nearly 80 plays, often published, performed or translated, half of which are aimed at a young audience, particularly teenagers. In 2013, his novel World without birds (Stock-La Forêt) received the André Dubreuil prize from the SGDL. In 2015, Karin Serres became Knight of Arts and Letters. For several years, she has been trying to develop the narrative forms of her writing.

MICKAEL TROIVAUX: Photographer, director. He obtained a photography CAP in 1996. He presented his first exhibition in 2003, 80000 Etouvie. He then moved on to Burkina Faso with Veilleurs de nuit (World Press Prize 2005). The Ex voto (2008) and Carcasses (2012) series prolong an entire work traversed by the themes of freedom, loneliness and confinement. He also directs short films First arrived and the clips of The Name, Vadim Vernay. For several years, he has worked regularly in the theater with the companies Chés Panses Vertes, Théâtre Inutile, La main d'Oeuvres and Le Kollectif Singulier.

OLIVIER SELLIER: Actor - Technician. He entered the CNR of Amiens in dramatic art then the Royal Conservatory of Liège in Belgium. His stage practice oscillates between acting, movement, puppetry and object theatre. On his return, he worked with the companies La Chrysalide, La Soufflerie, Chés Panses Vertes, Éclats d'états, La Main d'Oeuvres, Théâtre Inutile and Le Kollectif Singulier. He works in parallel as a manager and technician.

JULIA BERROCAL: Dancer. Julia Berrocal's training as a dancer is unique, far from dance schools and traditional courses. She met Dominique and Françoise Dupuy whose work she followed for several years (2006 – 2009). She then headed to Belgium and closely followed the work of Alain Platel and Wim Vandekeybus (2008 – 2015). Also at the initiative of the creation of the company Pied de Nez, she is currently working with the Italian choreographer Gabriella Maiorino within the collective “Christ…Fuck! », Oxyput Compagnie and Le Kollectif Singulier

SYLVAIN BARBEROT : Visual artist. After a Master's degree in Plastic Arts in 2005 on the notion of Body Space at the Arts Faculty of Amiens, Sylvain Barberot's pieces, photographs, drawings, body experiments and sculptures, speak to us of the survival instinct by confronting his body, his physical endurance, his mental integrity as geography to matter, to work. He works in theater for the Éclats d'Etats company and today with the Kollectif Singulier.


SARAH DEBOVE: Visual artist and author of comic strips. She questions in her practice the plurals of drawing, confronts them, associates them with video, with the show, in a desire to discuss, and in a challenge of moving thoughts, ideas, she creates different collaborations with associations , artists, teaching is a kind of artistic laboratory around contextual art exploring the fields of geography, identity and space.

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