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The Singular Collective


Le Kollectif Singulier, a collective of multidisciplinary artists associated with the Maison du Théâtre d'Amiens, has been exploring a Theater of Images since 2008 in hybrid and performative scenic forms, fragmented narration and dramaturgical research in the confrontation and assembly of materials.


From its hybrid and multi-media origin, the Kollectif Singulier draws a penchant for dreamlike writings between reality and fiction, bringing together the great stories with the little story of each human life. The geography of words is an essential space in his work, ready to explode the infinitely small and the infinitely large in order to reveal a sensory core.

In 2009 we set up the "Crash Texte", a 10-day performance for a stage presentation of an unpublished text by a playwright. Leaving room for instinct and multidisciplinary work (photo, video, plastic art, dance, music, theatre), the Crash Text has allowed us to create tools and working methods to experiment with our scenic writing that shape henceforth the singular aesthetics of the Kollectif.

Since 2010 we have been working with the author Karin Serres that we met on a Crash Text and with whom we started an exchange of demonstrations and writings with three of his texts: Le Noyau, (2010), EC=1/2 mv2 ( 2015), 47 millennia and dust (2016).

In 2016 we decide to write togetherOverflow – enter the zone. First show of the Kollectif Singulier, created in January 2017 during the Tendance Europe festival at the Maison de la Culture in Amiens, Overflow began our search for collective writing. Scriptures mixed, whirlwind of images that drewt the black ink stain on the ground in which we had decided to swim and bring out singular characters in a post apocalyptic world. 


In 2017, La Maison du Théâtre d'Amiens, offers us, with its team, an artistic residence. In this context, we are starting the Chantiers Médias, a laboratory for exploration and experimentation around the media and the web, in partnership with the Conservatoire Régional de Théâtre d'Amiens. We also created the performance1000 Live Samples in partnership with the CNES Space Observatory in Paris, the Safra'numériques, the students of the Regional Conservatory of Amiens and the collective of Italian artists "Live Arts Cultures", with whom we have been working since 2015, at the C32 performing artworkspace in Forte Marghera (Venice/Mestre).

In 2018 we decided very logically to writeThe Mars Brothers - space epic - telling the meeting of the great space history with the small history of each human life, and the way in which the conquest of space and that of Mars in particular can influence, illuminate and unfold terrestrial lives. Created in October 2019 at the Maison du Théâtre in Amiens, we will play at La Scierie in July 2021 for the Festival Off d'Avignon.

In April 2021 we are starting our Material laboratory for the research and writing of our next creation

66 million years old  at the Maison du Théâtre d'Amiens and at the Center de Rencontre de l'Abbaye de St Riquier, in co-production with La Comédie de Picardie. 

The Singular Collective 

Overflow - 2017
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