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The disaster has taken place.

The contamination has spread.

In the Zone now forbidden to access, the mutation spreads.

What happened to the humans and beasts trapped behind the massive electrified fence?

Is there a purpose to Tomas' wandering in this vegetable quagmire?

And what are Jezek Badger and his brothers waiting for, belligerent stalkers, the Upside Down Woman, the clay monsters Bird and Chim or Professor Umé, the Zone's first mutants, living proof of the catastrophe and its consequences?


Somewhere between the agonizing reality of nuclear disasters and their procession of forbidden zones, the storytelling of television series and the contemporary passion for eschatological fables, Le Kollectif Singulier, by means of hybrid forms, inscribes its steps in those of its characters to to show in bodies, images, lights, materials and sounds, the impossibility of giving meaning to events in a world saturated with meanings, but which constantly evades its narrative, which is nevertheless vital.

A world close to ours. 

OVERFLOW is first of all a theatrical dive into the Zone, a closed post-apocalyptic universe, a fictional space within which the victims of the mutation struggle. Men and women-trees, monsters of clay, plants with eyes, stalkers without faith or law, human bands delivered to fear and savagery, the Zone imposes its narrative and its incoherence on its poor subjects. Everywhere, in this vegetated space, meaning slips away as soon as it is given. Multiplying signs, symbols, narrative elements, the Zone itself rejects all interpretations. We only know her date of birth, the day of the disaster: April 6. 

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COPRODUCTION: Maison de la Culture d'Amiens - European center for creation and production

WITH THE SUPPORT OF: Hauts-de-France Regional Council, Amiens Métropole, Amiens Theater House, Léo Lagrange Cultural Center, ACAP - Picardy image center, Ciné St-Leu, Le Tas de Sable - Puppet Arts Center , C32performingartsworkspace, Live Arts Cultures - Forte Marghera.

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