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The Mars Brothers - on tour

The Mars Brothers are three brothers. Tomas, Youri and Patrick, who dream of going to the planet Mars. Between archives, fictions and documentaries, they lead us into their imaginations, until we land on the planet Mars, 75 million kilometers from Earth. Slightly delayed.

Tomas, Youri and Patrick will they be brilliant precursors ignored, will they chase after every new idea to try it out themselves, will they find a little professional gateway linked to their magnificent dreams or will they be magnificent losers with eyes lost in the stars? What we want to tell is the meeting of the great space story with the small story of each human life, and how the conquest of space and that of Mars in particular can influence, illuminate and unfold terrestrial lives .



Author: Karin Serres

Actors: Ludovic Darras, Olivier Sellier and Mickael Troivaux

Light design: Jérémy Pichereau

Sound design: Karine Dumont and Simon Léopold

Image creation: Le Kollectif Singulier

Physical training: Julia Berrocal

Construction: Sylvain Barberot

Light on board: Aurore Leduc

Flag: Alicia Morgand

Graphics: Audrey Jamme

Teaser image: Bulldog Audiovisual

Laser cutting: The Machinery

Production: Le Kollectif Singulier

Link to the show file:here !



The House of the Theater of Amiens, Amiens Métropole, Departmental Council of the Somme, Regional Council of Hauts-de-France, The French Institute, DRAC Hauts-de-France, ACAP Regional Image Pole, Pictanovo Images en Hauts-de -France, the Paris CNES Space Observatory, the Palace of Montataire, Le Chaudron, the Students' Stage, Crous Amiens, the St André d'Abbeville Culture Space, the Mons Theater Factory (Belgium), The C32 performing artworkspace from Venice/Mestre (Italy).

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